AKSW Colloquium, 04.04.2016, AMIE + Structured Feedback

In this week’s Colloquium, today 4th of April at 3 PM, Lorenz Bühmann will present the paper by Galárraga et al. titled “AMIE: Association Rule Mining under Incomplete Evidence in Ontological Knowledge Bases.” [PDF]. Abstract Recent advances in information extraction … Continue reading

AKSW takes part in BMWi-funded GEISER project

The AKSW group is the technical lead of the recently started GEISER (from sensor data towards internet-based geospatial services) project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) under grant agreement number 01MD16014E. The GEISER project will … Continue reading

DIESEL project finished first mile stone

DIESEL is a European project funded by the Eurostars Eureka grant (E!9367) and is running from 1st September 2015 to 31st September 2018. The goal of the DIESEL project is to develop a novel scalable approach to enable search through … Continue reading

AKSW Colloquium, 15.02.2016, Mandolin + X-Feasible

On the 15th of February at 3 PM, Tommaso Soru will present his ongoing research titled “Mandolin: Markov Logic Networks for Discovering Links”. Abstract Among the several approaches for Knowledge Discovery in non-relational databases which have been proposed so far, … Continue reading

AKSW Colloquium, 01.02.2016, Co-evolution of RDF Datasets

At the todays colloquium, Natanael Arndt will discuss the the paper “Co-evolution of RDF Dataset” by Sidra Faisal, Kemele M. Endris, Saeedeh Shekarpour and Sören Auer (2016, available on arXiv) Link: Abstract: For many use cases it is not … Continue reading

HOBBIT project kick-off

HOBBIT, a new InfAI project within the EU’s “Horizon 2020” framework program kicked-off in Luxembourg on 18 and 19 january in 2016. The main goal of the HOBBIT project (@hobbit_project on Twitter) is to benchmark linked and big data systems and assess … Continue reading

LinkedGeoData: New RDF versions of OpenStreetMap datasets available

The AKSW research group is happy to announce that a new LinkedGeoData maintenance release with more than 1.2 billion triples based on the OpenStreetMap planet file from 2015-11-02 is now online. Enjoy! Quick Links Project Website Downloads SPARQL Endpoint Virtual … Continue reading

AKSW Colloquium, 09-11-2015, Versioning of Arbitrary RDF Data (PhD progress report) and GraphLab Platform

GraphLab Platform – Overview and History  by Simon Bin GraphLab is a graph-based distributed computation framework. It was developed from 2009 at Carnegie Mellon University. At that time it was competing with Hadoop on Graph processing. The typical example algorithm demonstrated … Continue reading

AKSW Colloquium, 14 September, 3pm, Learning Metrics for Link Discovery

In this Colloquium, Tommaso Soru will present the progress of his PhD titled “Learning Metrics for Link Discovery”. The discovery of new links is essential for the construction of the Linked Data cloud. The use of links to other URIs … Continue reading

DL-Learner 1.1 (Supervised Structured Machine Learning Framework) Released

Dear all, we are happy to announce DL-Learner 1.1. DL-Learner is a framework containing algorithms for supervised machine learning in RDF and OWL. DL-Learner can use various RDF and OWL serialization formats as well as SPARQL endpoints as input, can … Continue reading




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